Mission Statement

GMO Free Washington Mission Statement

GMO Free Washington is a Washington based Non-GMO action group that works together to help educate and work toward a Non-GMO future.

GMO Free Washington is our goal, and our main concern is the genetic modification of our foods and seeds.

Our main task is to unify the people of Washington, network nationally and internationally with other like minded groups, through face to face contact and education, against the threat of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Our second task will then be to create a unified stand against these Genetic Engineering (GE) companies and to make Seattle a GMO-Free zone.

Part of this is to organize visible protests against companies like Monsanto.

The other part is to be able to “vote with our dollar” to show that we are serious. Not everyone is able to cut out GMO products because, let’s face it, they are cheaper. Through education about the effects of a GMO laden diet we hope to be able to help people make better and healthier food choices. We are working on a GMO Free Seattle restaurant project to help restaurant become educated and then implement menu changes to improve everyone’s health.

These restaurants will be show cased on our website. We will also work with local natural food stores that demonstrate sincere efforts to educate and not mislead the public.

We will teaming up with other groups, which is extremely important since we all have a common goal. Disseminating information and to outreach to mainstream and, especially, working class America will help create a critical mass. Jeffrey Smith from Institute of Responsible Technology feels that if 5% of population joins forces this critical mass will create the change necessary to get these companies to change the ingredients in these products in order to stay profitable. These days, the only thing that talks is money and if we cost Monsanto and the others their money, they will listen. Just think about McDonalds and the response that they had to animal cruelty protests or trans-fats; if we can effect their bottom line they will alter their behavior.

Through our success in Washington we hope to inspire the creation of other groups like ours and a network of concerned citizens across America. If we can get enough people concerned about this issue we can make a change. If we make it difficult for them to do business then they’ll be faced with a serious reckoning.