1 Howard Vlieger and Dr. Don Huber


Critical concept –
85% of chronic disease is based on Chronic Inflammation –
– many cancers, heart disease & strokes, hypertension, intestinal conditions, diabetes, allergies, arthritis, auto-immune disorders, altzheimers, kidney disorders, and so on.

Howard’s landmark study demonstrates that
GMO feed causes chronic 
(see explanation and pictures below videos)

(See Nancy Swanson’s CRITICAL data as well – see other GMO experts)

Dr. Don Huber – GMO researcher in a keynote address (his talk starts at 12 min). he is an agricultural scientist and expert in microbial ecology, has issued stern warnings about shockingly devastating effects of genetically engineered food crops after discovering a brand new organism in GE animal feed—an organism that has since been clearly linked to infertility and miscarriage in cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, and poultry

Howard Vlieger’s GMO presentation:
This presentation is long but one of the most powerful GMO presentations we’ve seen. Thanks to Dave McFatridge for filming and posting!

Part 1 – Howard Vlieger’s GMO talk

Part 2 – Howard Vlieger’s GMO talk

Review article in the Seattle PI by Charles Mesh, a grassroots volunteer 

Check out what Howard Vlieger’s peer reviewed scientific study showed :
Howard is an organic farmer & soil scientist consultant to other organic farmers trying to amend their land by improving the soil mineralization (as opposed to sprays etc.) Howard did a recent landmark pig study in collaboration with Vet Dr. Judy Carman. From Howard’s experience the vets he interacts with across the country assume when they slaughter pigs that the stomachs are always red, inflamed and ulcerated and the intestines are so friable and fall apart on touch (i.e. – NORMAL). (The intestines of pork in the US are so “friable” that pig casing for sausage has to be imported from New Zealand).

In his landmark study they fed newly weaned pigs onto 3 groups and taken
all the way to slaughter when vets did blind autopsies not knowing
which group was which:

Research groups:   **** (See pictures below) ****
A) Non-GMO feed
B) GMO feed
C) Antibiotics (which many animals live on.
Humans when they use antibiotics they don’t work? Wonder why?

A) Non GMO stomachs – all pale, healthy and normal looking
B) GMO feed – virtually all stomachs were redid, inflamed and ulcerated.
C) Antibiotics – pinker stomachs but slightly ulcerated so not totally protected by Antibiotics

Side note of explanation why this is important clinically –
Bt corn was genetically engineered to create holes in the insects stomachs killing them. Two of the biggest concerns we have in clinical medicine that lead to many chronic diseases is called intestinal permeability (or leaky gut) as well as auto-immune disorders.

Here what happens – we ingest foods , vitamins and supplements, and
then some of these “particles” go though the stomach and intestines and
“pass though” the stomach /
intestinal wall into the body cavity and
then get filtered back into the blood stream.

Our blood has not ever seen these particles and recognizes it as “foreign” and
tries to protect us by
creating an allergic and auto-immune response.
This is partly how chronic inflammation starts. 

85% of chronic disease is based on chronic inflammation –
many cancers, heart disease & strokes, hypertension, intestinal conditions,
allergies, arthritis, auto-immune disorders, altzheimers, kidney disorders, and so on.

Non GMO feed

Non GMO feed

GMO diet - showing stomach inflammation & ulcerations (holes in stomach)

GMO diet – showing stomach inflammation & ulcerations (holes in stomach)

Note A) Inc. in inflammation B) heavier uterus C) IRRITABILITY and DIFFICULTY PERFORMING TASKS

Note A) Inc. in inflammation
B) heavier uterus

 Note – this was only observed by the study not proven.
The pigs had dramatic difficulty doing normally routine activities
that the non GMO pigs had no problem doing.
Is the change in behavior they saw in this study similar
to other brain disorders similar behavior to ADHD?


Press Release for Howard Vlieger coming to speak in WA State



Grassroots Volunteers Welcomes GMO Expert Howard Vlieger to Washington State in Support of Washington State Initiative 522 for Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food

Howard Vlieger will be touring Washington State from September 4th through the 15th beginning in Spokane and ending in Seattle in support of ballot initiative 522, which would require labeling of genetically modified food or GMOs. He will be speaking to a variety of groups regarding his expertise and research regarding genetically modified crops.

Howard Vlieger is a third generation family farmer who has been a “student of the soil,” studying why and how the soil works as it does, since 1989. Howard lives on the family farm where he was born and raised in northwest Iowa. He assists his son with some of the farming duties. Since 1992 Howard has been a crop nutrition advisor and has founded two companies to help family farmers reduce their dependency on chemical- based farming and transition to biological and or organic production. Howard works and teaches as an independent crop nutrition advisor, helping crop and livestock farmers all across the US.

Howard also works with scientists and researchers around the world to develop effective solutions, based on the latest science, for the real-life problems farmers are experiencing because of GMO crops and the chemicals used in growing them. Howard is a co-author and the primary coordinator of a first of its kind scientific study: the feeding of GMO grain and non-GMO grain to hogs for their lifetime as a meat animal. Howard is an internationally recognized speaker on the topic of GMOs. He believes people deserve to be educated and know what is in their food.

Howard serves on the board of directors of the Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) and the Council for Healthy Food Systems (CHFS). He is a strong conservative and for many years has been a delegate for his county to the Iowa State Republican Convention. His greatest accomplishments are being a Christian husband for 32 plus years to his wonderful wife Pam and father to three young adult children & a proud grandfather of one.