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Grassroots Volunteers Welcomes California Grassroots Leader & Initial Instigator of Prop 37 Pamm Larry to Washington State in Support of Grassroots Efforts to Label GMOs & the Importance of I-522 For The Country.

Pamm toured all over Washington state for several weeks spreading the word
like she she as the creator of Prop 37 in California in 2012.

Pamm Larry on I522 GMO Labeling and activism.
She spoke at Marlenes market (Federal Way) talking about her reasons for everyone to work so hard and what she sees as Washington passing I-522. (15 min.)

Jeffrey Smith also spoke (see home page as well as GMO Experts at top of page)

David McFatridge graciously recorded and posted this video.


There has been a huge statewide tour Sept – Oct all across Wash. State
with Pamm Larry – the vibrant grandmother who started Prop 37 to label GMO’s in CA. and Howard Vlieger, an Iowa farmer who was one of the principle authors
on the recent landmark GMO pig study (see GMO Experts – top of page).

Press Release of the Tour

Pamm Larry speaking at the Refusers Fundraiser

Blogpost about the tour 

Video interview of Pamm Larry and Howard Vlieger
by Jack Olmstead

Video – Truth and Justice-Right to Know; Right to Choose Footage by Jack Olmstead as @digitalreporter who is on the scene throughout NW Washington getting footage at Yes on I-522 and festival and the Alliance for Global Justice Conference. Watch interviews with Alexis Braden-Mayer from Organic Consumers Assoc., David Bonner of Bonner Soap, Dr. Chittenden and more on why labeling GMOs is important. The local band, THE REFUSERS, continue to stir us with their original song, RIGHT TO KNOW.


SEATTLE, WA (August 29, 2013) Washington grassroots volunteers for I-522 have asked Pamm Larry, the initial instigator of Prop 37, the GMO labeling act in California, to participate in a statewide speaking tour from September 15th through October 6th to educate voters on GMO Food Labeling issues and help unite the grassroots volunteers. Annmarie Gianni Skin Care is funding the fall tour for Pamm.

Pamm will speak about what happened with Prop 37 in November of 2012 when California voted on labeling GMOs, so that the lessons learned inspire voters and volunteers to help create victory in Washington this November. She will explain why I-522, the Washington State ballot initiative to label genetically engineered food, is the most important campaign going on in the GMO world right now and how important the grassroots efforts are in this battle against multinational chemical corporations and junk food companies. Combining storytelling, humor, sometimes a tear or two, Pamm weaves a narrative that celebrates people from all walks of life coming to together to ensure that we have transparency in our food system. She reminds us all of the power of one when a bunch of “ones” unite in a resounding YES!

“Having Pamm Larry come to Washington to help with I-522 is a no-brainer. She started the GE Labeling initiative movement, and I-522 wouldn’t be on our Washington state ballot this November if it weren’t for Pamm’s efforts in California last year,” explains Sarah Stolar, a coordinator of Volunteer’s for I-522. “She has been through ALL of this already, so both grassroots groups and the Yes on 522 campaign have a lot to learn from her. We do not need or want to waste energy reinventing the wheel; we need to take the valuable lessons learned from California’s experience and use them to improve our own work. Learning from California’s Prop 37 and not repeating the same mistakes is the only way we can successfully pass I-522. Who better to help guide the way than Pamm Larry?”

“Washington will finish what Prop 37 started but was waylaid by Chemical and Junk Food Companies in their campaign of misinformation and distractions from the issue which is labeling of our foods,” explains Pamm Larry, “We have a right to know what we are buying and feeding our children and ourselves. I-522 is the next step and is everyone’s ballot initiative. When we all unite no matter where we are from, we are a powerful force. California Grassroots stand with the people of Washington in continuing the fight for the right to know what’s in our food. We will do all we can to assure victory there. I am delighted and honored to have the opportunity to join hands with the people of Washington to let them know about our opposition’s dirty tactics in California during Prop 37. We are uniting across state lines because this isn’t just about Washington- it’s about all of us. No matter what city, state, or country we live in, every step we take anywhere for food sovereignty is a step for all of us.”

About Pamm Larry
Pamm Larry, farmer, midwife, businesswoman and a gutsy grandmother of three was so distraught about our modern day food system that she quit her day job and spent her time educating herself on GMOs and how to apply for a ballot initiative. She then went on the road and heard a resounding YES from the people in California to pursue a Ballot Initiative. This effort resulted in the Yes On Prop 37, California Right To Know Campaign of November 2012.

Grandma Larry and her galvanized cadre of concerned citizens represent the sane, spirited voice of a growing number of skeptical Americans who don’t necessarily trust better living through chemistry and who demand labeling of genetically modified foods.