GMO Education

Resources to get involved with I-522:


POST THIS LINK on Facebook pages (including other organizations)
This page will be kept updated and help keep people focused.

Download and circulate the Principles and objections answered to I-522
(2 page document to Email, post on Facebook),
hand out to others and widely circulate
(Easy to remember link to give someone to get the objections)

Rebuttal on our grassroots website:

Powerful GMO scientific documentary – “Genetic Roulette
by Jeffrey Smith one of the world’s leading GMO activists

15 Harmful Effects of GMO Foods on Your Health
by Dr. Akiba Green (Expert on GMO’s and health)

2) Our Grassroots Website:

3) Our Grassroots Facebook page :
Seattle Volunteers for I-522 Seattle (GMO Labeling)

Other Washington community Facebook pages (see 2E – below):